Proxmox – Backup your Containers

Here is a simple way to backup your containers.

The LVM storage is limited in space, so we will use a dedicated container to make backups.

First, create a dedicated container. In our example we will use the id 200, and IP address, with 100GB of disk space.

Once the container is started, connect on the host:

# vzctl enter 200
# mkdir backup

Create a Directory

Go to the Proxmox interface


  1. Click on Datacenter
  2. Click on Storage
  3. Click on Add, and choose Directory


  1. Set ID: backup 
  2. Set Directory: /var/lib/vz/root/200/backup
  3. Choose content Backups
  4. Then Add the directory

Create a Backup


  1. Click on Backup
  2. Click on Add


  1. Select backup directory previously created
  2. Set the days and start time to make backup
  3. Choose the containers you wish to backup. (Don’t select the backup container)
  4. Enter add email to get status notification
  5. Click on Create

Copy backups on another server

To guarantee a good protection, it is important to copy backups on another server .




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